DayTrips without a car? Easy.

It never was that easy to plan your daytrips with public transport. Our Web App makes it even that convenient, it eliminates the need for you car.

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What we show

Uncomplicated DayTrips

Our Web App only shows results that make sense from your starting point. That means that we only give you trip recommendations whithout lots of transfers or a long last mile to walk.


Schedule Data + content

We connect two different worlds: leisure activities, events, hiking tours or bike rentals is transmitted via the touristic association. The schedule data is being provided via the regional traffic association.

Everybody asks

Isn't that basically google maps?

Nope. Google, TripAdvisor, Yelp & others display all points of interests (POI), no matter how complicated or impossible it is for you to get there by public transport. We only display POI that are actually within good reachability. Depending on weekday and starting point these are always different POI.

Now it is easy as cake to plan daytrips without a car.

Set your current location or another where you want to start your daytrip from.

In the list view I only scroll through DayTrips, that are actually easy to do: No big transfers and fast.

Also nice entry points for hiking tours, where a bus or train is going right now. 

To which round hiking tours am I getting to easy and fast? Bus stops which work directly as entry points for hiking tours.

Filter hiking tours according to their difficulty, length and how easy and fast you can reach their entry points with public transport

I can get inspired in the List View or in the Map View.

Every region has their own categories.

In the Detail View I have access to all info I need at one place: photos, opening hours, places to eat, etc.

Also Ticket tips, the next connection and how much CO2 I actually safe in comparison to a car…

… and finally, the Route and more connections I could use to do this dayTrip.


The NATURTRIP web app

Custom-made for your region

Your corporate design

Make your guests happy with a completely new service

Wellness? Hiking?

The categories are made by you, reflecting the focus of your region.

Intuitive user interface

We've tested, tested and tested, resulting in a super smooth UI/UX.

No download needed

Die Web App simply works in your browser.

Responsive Design

Programmed mobile first.

Benefits for

Tourism Associations

New target groups!

Make your region attractive for young urban target groups who often don’t own a car any more. Or seniors who don’t want to drive any more.

Off the crowded tracks!

Your guests find points of interest they wouldn’t have explored otherwise. And they're all within good reachable with public transport. Win!

Less Cars!

That means less parked cars, noise, pollution, stress, land consumption. More recreation, peace, good air! Inhale, exhale.

Benefits for

Traffic Associations

Friendly Image

Public transport is often seen as sth pragmatic and kind of grey. Our Web App helps to associate it with the fun sides of life!

Balance Capacities

Usually, busses and trains are crowded during rush hours and can be kind of empty in between those rushes. We motivate tourists to use public transport. They often use secondary lines and fill the gaps between rush hours.

New Customers

The only reason why many city dwellers still have a car is because they want to do a daytrip every once in a while to get out of the city. Soon they will hop on into your train or bus.

I would have never thought that I can reach that many and super nice destinations with public transport. I will have to think hard if I actually still need my car...

Beate from Stuttgart

What we offer

Our Two Products

The Web App

Planning trips made easy


The web app is basically an own website with an own URL. You may want to link it on your own website with a teaser banner.

Leisure activities/ routes / events in your region

Provided via your content APIs

Schedule data of your region

In GTFS format

Custom made design

The Web App uses your Corporate Design

PR Modules

Make an impression!

To accomplish exactly that, we offer you a package tied to your needs. Because green news are good news! Possible modules are:

DayTrips for Social Media

We supply your channels or start fresh accounts.

Classical PR

We generate articles and links for your day trip planner in the relevant media of your region.

Media Cooperations / Blog

Frequent articles for day trips with bus & train to boost your google rankings

PR in your source markets

We teach your future urban customers in an entertaining way that they can make their holidays in your region without car


Get in contact!

Just drop us a line. We set you up the right mix of Web App and PR!

andreas.boos (at) (0) 157 339 41 047

Now I can easily present my guests what they can do around my Hotel without car!

Hans Lauterbach, Hotelier

Projects & partner

Our clients

S-Bahn Stuttgart | Deutsche Bahn

You can do way more with the S-Bahn than just get to work. The NaturTrip Web App enables people to plan their daytrips. Our PR boosts the new service and makes it public.

Tourism Wilder Kaiser / Tyrol Tourism Board

We won a price instantly when we released the Web App for Tyrol. We plan to shift massive amounts of traffic.

Other Projects

Screenshot of the NaturTrip Prototype

DayTrip planer with train&bus / Berlin & Brandenburg

In the funded project of the German Ministry of Environment (BMU), we wanted to find out: How do we have to build a dayTrip planner in terms of marketing to create the impact, that people actually don't use their car no more. Product development has succeeded, business modell was implemented.

Logo of VBB
Different posts in the campaign #EnjoyGermanNature

Instagram Influencer Campaign #EnjoyGermanNature

We did an influencer campaign for the German Tourist Board (DZT) on Instagram. With the motto #EnjoyGermanNature we reached 5 million people and inspired them to travel to Germany in autumn.

The Naturtrip Prototype at a train station

Prototype for touchscreens at train stations

For DB Station&Service we developed a prototype for the NaturTrip web app at train stations. It was presented at the DB product conference, CeBIT and ITB.

Image picture for the Green Public Screening App

Web App Green Public Screening

We were the heart of a testimonial campaign with german footballer Marcell Jansen for the world cup in 2018. We created a web app to show throughout Germany, how to get climate friendly with train/bus/bike to public screening events. The overall aim was to advertise the National Climate Initiative of the German Ministry of Environment.

Awards (won or nominated)

Logo vom Green Buddy Award
Logo vom Greentec Award
Logo vom Grüne Liga Award
Logo vom Mindbox Award
Logo VCÖ Mobilitätspreis
Logo von VCÖ Top 5 Pres
Logo von Werkstatt Project 2016

2016: Nachhaltigkeitsaward

2017: Innovationsaward

Logo von VIR Sprungbrett
Logo vom Startup Contest


Logo von CO2 Online
Logo von Bund - Freunde der Erde
Logo von Allianz Pro Schiene
Log von Deutschen Alpenverein - Sektion Berlin
Logo von Deutscher Naturschutzring
Logo vom Deutschen Tourismusverband
Logo von Naturfreunde Deutschlands
Logo vom Verkehrsverbund Berlin Brandenburg
Logo vom VCD - Mobilität für Menschen
Logo von VDV - Die Verkehrsunternehmen

Other References

Recommended in the "German bible of sustainable tourism"

The practical guide of the the German Tourist Board (DTV e.V.) recommends the NaturTrip Web App!

Accelerator Deutsche Bahn

NaturTrip is one of the winner startups of "mindbox", the Accelerator of DB. Since then we're working close.